Korea Development Bank(KDB)
The largest Investment Bank in Korea

KDB was established in 1954, and it has since been financing the development of Korea's pillar industries through traditional banking services, such as loans and investment. In the new era of Industry 4.0, KDB is now a leading incubator & financial supporter for innovations.

Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

KITA was established in 1946 with a view to advancing the Korean economy through trade expansion. It has since grown to become the largest business organization with over 70,000 member firms. We raise funds by operating COEX, the largest MICE platform in Seoul, and disburse the funds to fulfill our missions to accelerate business growth

Korea Venture Capital Association(KVCA)

KVCA was established in 1989 with the objectives of representing Korea venture capital industry and is a member-based organization composed of over 110 venture capital companies in Korea. Its mission is not only to promote a more favorable system and vibrant investment environment for the development of the venture capital industry, but also to enhance awareness and understanding of the importance of venture capital to Korean economy.

Korea Venture Business Association(KOVA)

KOVA was established in 1995 to revitalize the startup industry by sharing knowledge and managment information through exchanges among startups. KOVA also aims to spearhead the protection of rights and interests of startups in different sectors by compiling difficulties that they face.

National Research Council of Science & Technology(NST)

NST was established in 1999 to promote government-funded science and technology research institutes. Major goals of NST are to secure research capabilities to lead the country, to foster of government-funded research institutes trusted by citizens, and to establish researcher-friendly supportive system.