NextRise 2021, Seoul

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@COEX Hall A&B, 3,4F

28.06.2021(Mon) - 29.06.2021(Tue)

NextRise 2021, Seoul in Numbers


Exhibitions & IRs

by startups


1:1 Meetup

with Corporates & VCs


Seminars / Forums

by Global Corporates,
VCs, and Experts



NextRise presentation

NextRise is a global start conference/exhibition-designed to connect top-notch player in the global startup ecosystem.

More than 10,000 participants are expected to attend, networking with Global MNCs, VCs, Accelerators, and Startups from all around the world.


Startup Exhibition

As in past years, NextRise will host Startup Exhibition, an all-inclusive expo to showcase innovation trends in this year. Emerging startups from diverse fields will come together to demonstrate the cutting-edge technologies.


NextRise will host on/offline conference spanning 6 different themes this year: ESG, Future Mobility, Bio/Healthcare, VR/AR/Contents, Blockchain/Fintech, and E-commerce, featuring numerous speakers including multinational corporations, venture capitals, startups and policymakers around the world.

1:1 Meetup

Meetups would be the best means to connect, seek out inspiration, and find collaboration opportunities across a wide range of industries. Any startup seeking for business collaboration with overseas / domestic global corporates or investment opportunities are welcome to be a part.


New for 2021, NextRise will host all-day workshops in collaboration with global IT enterprises throughout the conference days. All developers, designers, and even small-scale e-commerce enterprises are invited to seek innovations within our workshops.

Our Partners

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