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About NextRise


As the largest startup fair in Korea, NextRise is the right place where entrepreneurs, accelerators, VCs, and industry leaders can build meaningful relationships, share new insights, and present disruptive innovations.

As the main pillar for connection of the Venture·startup ecosystem, NextRise catalyzes to accelerate innovation and create synergy.
Event Overview
June 1st ~ 2nd, 2023
Location & Venue
Hall A & Hall B & Grand Ballroom & ASEM Ballroom,COEX
(513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Operation Hour
1st June 2023 - 2nd June 2023 09:00AM - 06:00PM

Key Industries
at NextRise
2023, Seoul

  • Life Style
    Commerce, Contents, Platform Service
  • Sustainability
    Green &
    renewable & ESG
  • Innovation
    Other Business
  • Fintech
    Finance / Blockchain
  • ICT
    Manufacturing, Service
  • Bio &Healthcare
  • Future Tech
  • AI & Big Data


NextRise runs various programs for the leap and growth of startups.

  • Exhibition NextRise will host Startup Exhibition
    an all-inclusive expo
    to showcase innovation trends in this year.
    Emerging startups from diverse fields
    will come together to demonstrate
    the cutting-edge technologies.
  • Conference NextRise will host on/offline
    conference featuring numerous
    speakers including multinational
    corporations, venture capitals,
    startups and policymakers around
    the world to share state-of-the-art
    technology and knowledge.
  • 1:1 Meetup Meetups would be the best means to
    connect, seek out inspiration, and
    find collaboration opportunities
    across a wide range of industries.
    Any startup seeking for business
    collaboration with overseas /
    domestic global corporates or
    investment opportunities are
    welcome to be a part.
  • Side event Knowledge and experience
    are shared through side events
    of leading companies and
    startups at home and abroad.

NextRise 2022, Seoul in Numbers

350+ exhibitions & IRs ,
2,260+ business meetings,
and 119+ conference sessions were held.
25,000+ attendees joined our event offline
despite strict social distancing rules,
a testament to the growing influence
and popularity of [NextRise, Seoul].
  • Participants 25,000+ online attendees(10K)
  • Exhibitions & IRs 350+ by startups &
  • 1:1 Meetup 2,260+ with Corporates & VCs
  • Conference 119+ by Global Corporates,
    VCs, and Experts